By Jose M. Fraguas

The methods of the world’s greatest karate fighters have been gathered together into this incredible volume to demonstrate the most closely-guarded secrets of sport competition, bare-knuckle fighting, and life-or-death street combat!

The highly-technical and effective methods of karate’s most dangerous masters are revealed for the first time in a single spectacular book! In addition to presenting numerous “how-to” techniques, each master reveals fascinating hidden aspects of karate-do, going back to the combat essentials developed in Okinawa, where unarmed peasants used the art of the “open hand” to defeat heavily-armed bandits and armored invaders!

Combat Karate is a must-have training aid for all those who wish to return to the true roots of karate and who desire to further their understanding of the practical applications of karate-do methods and techniques in bothn slf-defense and competition. This book provides a greater understanding of karate’s combat secrets and reveals its devastating fighting methods to the world!

# 129 – US$29.95 – 7 x 10
350 pages approx. – ISBN: 978-1-933901-50-3

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