By Tom Muzila

Karate master Tom Muzila, a direct student of the great Tsutomu Ohshima, presents for the first time a complete series analyzing the mental aspects of combat. This book is a through study of the theory and practice of the mental elements used by the great and legendary masters in Karate-do history. The author discusses in-depth many of the different psychological elements necessary for combat as used by the legendary Samurai warriors. This book is for all practitioners of martial arts and combat sports, like Thai Boxing, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and other mainstream arts who wish to tap into their mental resources and improve their level of performance in competition and fighting. It is a retrospective step back into the warrior’s psychology, rediscovering the ancient ways of combat and applying it to modern day martial arts.
# 115 – $24.95 – 6 x 9 – 240 pages – ISBN: 1-933901-01-2

Tom Muzila stands in the world today as one of a handful of privileged students of the great Karate master Tsutomu Ohshima. From his early days, he has been a man of conviction and discipline. Known among his peers as an innovator and well-respected writer, Mr. Muzila had the opportunity to test his Bushido spirit as a Green Beret, skydiver, firewalker, and mountain climber—besides all the high-intensity marathon training sessions that exemplify the mental discipline necessary in the Samurai culture of feudal Japan.

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