By Randall Hassell

The first comprehensive written history of Shotokan karate in any language! In this completely updated edition of the classic bestseller, Randall Hassell presents a masterful tale of the history and evolution of Japan’s original and largest karate style, Shotokan. In addition to presenting the compelling story of the style’s founder, Gichin Funakoshi, Hassell covers recent developments in the ever-evolving art of Shotokan karate-do. Rare and never-before-published photos complement everything from the Okinawan roots of karate to its development in Japan, the Japan Karate Association, American and international karate organizations, and the current state of the world of Shotokan karate. Also in this edition: The origins and technical value of all Shotokan kata, a genealogy of traditional karate styles, Gichin Funakoshi’s 20 precepts, and much more!
# 125 – US $19.95 – 6 x 9 – ISBN: 978-1-933901-28-2

Randall G. Hassell began his study of Karate in 1960, and received his black belt from the Japan Karate Association in 1968. For almost five decades, he has devoted himself to the teaching and study of karate-do and other martial arts. In addition to teaching in his school in St. Louis, Missouri, Mr. Hassell oversees the instruction of thousands of students and travels extensively, lecturing and officiating.

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