masterwushu_MD400MASTERING WUSHU
By Jiang Bangjun & Emilio Alpanseque

Breathtaking to watch and exciting to perform, Wushu has become a global phenomenon with tremendous crossover appeal. Finally, a well-produced comprehensive instructional book that encompasses all fundamental skills, training principles, and terminology of Wushu is available in a convenient single volume in the English language. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced competitor, or a coach, this book is a must for those in search of a solid source of information compiled by one of the most sought-after champions and masters of all time, Jiang Bangjun, and Emilio Alpanseque, a highly- accomplished and well-known international Wushu authority from Madrid, Spain. The topics covered are: History, Stretching and Flexibility Exercises, Hand Forms and Hand Techniques, Stances and Footwork, Basic Combinations, Balance Techniques, Jumping Techniques, Tumbling Techniques, and a Basic Compulsory Routine. Fully illustrated with more than 400 photographs, detailed step-by-step descriptions, and special tips, MASTERING WUSHU is your best first step into Wushu excellence!
# 314 – US $24.95 – 7 x 10 – ISBN: 978-1-933901-31-2

Jiang Bangjun is a 7th Degree Wushu Master, key member of the prestigious Beijing Wushu Team, and one of the most sought-after Wushu instructors in the world. He was the All-Around Wushu Champion of China in 1996 and 1998, and World Wushu Champion in 2001, the same year he received the Sports Medal of Honor from the Chinese National Sports Bureau. His knowledge of Wushu techniques and competition is unsurpassed, making him one of the best instructors in the world.

Emilio Alpanseque, with more than 20 years of training, has devoted a lifetime to Wushu. His extensive experience as a successful international competitor, former national team athlete, qualified judge, and dedicated writer have made him a highly-respected member of the international Wushu community.

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