MastersSpeak_MD400THE MASTERS SPEAK (Revised Edition)
By Jose M. Fraguas

Cutting across the broad spectrum of martial arts’ most influential and profound teachers, this book gives rare insights into the physical, mental, and spiritual methods that have enabled these chosen few to reach the pinnacles of their particular styles. Jeet kune do icon Dan Inosanto, kickboxing great Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, escrima master Edgar Sulite, kenpo legend Ed Parker, taekwondo expert Jun Chong, and muay Thai master Surachai Sirisute – just to name a few – share thoughts and experiences in rare interviews that define the essence of their martial arts mastery. The concepts and theories contained within will help serious practitioners gain a deeper understanding of martial arts as a whole, and help you along the path of higher conciousness.
# 414 7 x 10 – US $ 19.95 ISBN-13: 978-1-933901-25-1

Jose M. Fraguas is an internationally recognized martial arts authority well-known to the world’s top masters. He is a prolific writer and publisher, rooted in the desire to integrate martial arts philosophy and values into everyday thinking and life, the necessary motivation for writing. Originally from Madrid, Spain, he currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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